2020 Women's D1 Soccer Talk!!!! EXTENDED TO SPRING '21!!!!

So we have college soccer actually starting tomorrow somewhere in this nation - yipeee...

Womens College Soccer Composite Schedule Fall 2020

some of these games on the schedule look like they have been canceled but others are still on. The SEC games are on the schedule here but when you go to the schools they have no schedule.
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Well if there is a spring only 48 teams will be included I’m the tournament and that means on 14 at large births.
I suspect the WCC will get one bid to the champion. BYU lost a lot of good seniors so it’s between Santa Clara and Pepperdine.

Gonzaga and Portland look to be the next best after the top 3.

USF and USD lost a lot of scoring firepower and I expect both to be down, especially USF. 1/2 could drop into the bottom 3.

UOP, Loyola and SMC look interesting. SMC loses a lot Of seniors but have a better coach now. UOP returns most of their starters and also have a new coach. Loyola will be better as they played with a lot of youth last year.