ECNL vs. DA turf war has created a 'toxic environment'

How's the Toxic War going between the two companies that supply what most of us parents demand? Vegas started this thread April 30th, 2019. I jumped in July 2019. Are the two sides at least trying to do whats best for the customers? Sorry for getting all emotional and playing the victim card because my little goat didn't make the all star team. I'm embarrassed at @myself and deserved a @RedCard. I have come to the conviction that I need a second chance everyday. Sometimes I need more than one second chance too. All my "woes to me" that I carried around in my life. I did have a few Big Woes going on that most of you can;t relate to and I'll just leave it at that. Water under the bridge. I look back and only wonder what Kobe would say to me if I asked him for help before I came back to the SoCal Soccer Fabulous Forum asking for help. I already know what he would say to me and I will just say, "no more f*ucking excuses" from me or from my dd. Come to think about it, my dd only asked what she could do to improve to make next all star team, so she's innocent in all this. Time to shape up or shut up. Have a gr8t day everyone and if you're dd is getting to play soccer today, go kick ass like your dd has been doing all along and whatever league you play in just go play and have fun :) @Luis Andres good luck next season to your baby girl that you love and remember what the Mamba said, "No excuses bro." Those long drives can be challenging, enjoy the time with #2. @Sparky9 keep believing the dream bro if you know what I mean. @Technician72 love you bro and @Keeper pops , I hope for a speedy recovery from your dd second ACL. Man, that is tough but I see those FB pics and see she is working super hard at her rehab and will be back soon. BTW, I hope I see Alex Morgan at the D3 CIF finals when Laguna Beach Breakers takes on the Diamond Bar Brahmas in a classic final. I know, one game at a time. One can still dream it :)