Anyone in the know hear or know anything about ECNL/ECRL "season"


AZ and/or NV from what I understand....we’re scheduled for the Phoenix showcase in April and the NJ showcase Memorial Day weekend.
My DDs 05 SW ECNL team has played a grand total of (5) games since September; two league games and three in the November showcase (all in AZ). We opted out of Surf Cup and the Florida showcase...aside from the occasional scrimmage, our next “game” won’t happen until mid-February (so we’ve been told). Understand the rationale, but certainly frustrating when I read results from ECNL games continually happening in other parts of the country
A friend and coach moved to CO this summer. He said, they had a full fall season and no issues.
LACROSSE? Can anyone please explain to me how LaCrosse is still able to continue to play. California LaCrosse teams are flying out of state twice a month playing in tournament's . How is this even possible?