From Russia With Love

Those two for certain, plus Barr, Ross, and Pompeo for starters.

I'm not sure about Pence. I think he hasn't figured out yet that he just has a lapdog role in all this - tiny little bark, no bite.
Impeach them all!!! Take all their guns away too!!! The liberals need to impeach all conservatives!!!


So I'm trying to get my head around what's going on with Trump and Ukraine. If I've got it wrong somebody tell me, but from what I understand Trump threatened Ukraine (who is fighting off a Russian backed insurgence) that he would cut off aid unless they helped him attack relatives of his political enemies back in America? Stories&pgtype=Homepage

Now of course the nutters are going to scream fake news, but if what's being said is true and the transcript of the phone call backs it up, I don't see how Trump dodges an impeachment...
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