West Coast FC Girls Academy Tryouts

Coach Doug

West Coast FC is holding tryouts for our Girls Academy League teams - ALL AGES
We are looking for players and families most interested in developing in a positive environment, while competing in a top national league. West Coast FC is unique in that we look not only to develop the athletes as soccer players, but as human beings as well. In 24 years as a club, West Coast FC teams have won multiple national championships, produced top collegiate players and countless outstanding citizens.

For Information:
Coach Doug Swanson: swanson794@msn.com
West Coast FC information: https://www.westcoastfc.org/
Girls Academy League: https://girlsacademyleague.com/
I'm going to give a shout out to coach Doug, although I have never met or talked to him before. I've been around socal soccer now for 10 beautiful years. I do know parents in the soccer arena and all the parents talk openly when you get to know them about coaches. One of the coaches I hear really good things about is coach Doug. I have never heard any parent or any of my dd friends say anything negative about him. 100% positive.
Five star review coach *****.