Upcoming Camps & clinics for GK's


IGA will be having 2 Turkey Burner clinics coming up at the end of November. 10 am - 3 pm for GK's 2012 - 2002
Nov. 28th in Redondo Beach
Nov. 29th in Huntington Beach

register- www.GK4LIFE.net

Grace T.

Parents who have sent their keepers to IGA camps. Worth it?

They are usually awesome. When they do these 1 day clinics they'll typically review various topics....GKers won't learn much new (too much to process too quickly) but will get a good work out and a chance to practice the various skills.

Of course, with COVID, who knows how it will impact what they are able to do. Am still surprised they can even pull it off (permits, not get shut down).


I too am surprised to see a GK camp happening. Recently there was a small college showcase that happened at Crean Lutheran HS that seemed to happen with no issues.

We have done many GK camps, just not any with Big Joe and Co. I have heard mixed things about them. Perhaps we should just find out for ourselves.