I hope so. I took my kid to KZ to take shots last Sunday and it looked like an adult league tournament was going on. Fields 3 - 6 had full games with refs going. Not sure how that's allowed but kids can't practice.
Those games have never stopped. Even on lockdown.
So, just so I am up to date - we can gamble and loot but we can't exercise or shop? Just trying to keep up with the rules these days
So far, yes, these are the rules set before us as of today. We need to wait this out and I will 100% follow the rules until the officials say its safe for my dd to play soccer with her friends again. Her coach is a rule follower too so I like that. Stay safe 43 :)
Yes the delay.. its frustrating. There are teams out there training today. The state is not doing anything. If i do it, I will get suspended. I love coaching too much get suspended.
I believe a lot of it is the private training. Those are small groups. However, people are being petty because some coaches have figured out how to hustle in this madness.


Call it what you will I know one for sure is not doing small group Private and social distancing is not a thing.