Pick up soccer/Futsal

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Can you list if you know places and days for pick up Futsal/indoor
Can you list if you know places and days for pick up Futsal/indoor
Indoor -
North County Soccer Park, Poway
Sportsplex, Poway
Kit Carson Park, Escondido
La Mesa Indoor Socer, La Mesa

San Diego North Park indoor soccer center closed suddenly a few weeks ago after city engineers cited structural issues (it was located on the roof of the reservoir below the water tower)
619 Futsal in San Diego. 619futsal.com
Play at Miramar College/Black Mountain Road, Canyon Crest High School, and also in San Marcos.

Soccer Kids America in San Diego, soccerkidsamerica.org
Play in Balboa Park, Spring Valley rec center and Colina Del Sol rec center.

Both are weekend (Sat or Sun) futsal leagues. You can register as an individual and they will place you on a team, or you can register as a team. I think the level of skill/competition varies and is a little random. Some seasons my kid has had pretty high level competition, other seasons not so much.

I would love to know about drop in futsal in San Diego if it exists!

The San Diego Water Tower league was indoor/arena soccer, not futsal. Played off the wall. Not as food for skill development IMO. And yes, it is closed for structural issues. I heard of a lot of kids getting injuries playing there. I think it was very old turf, kids crashed into the walls, etc.