Non devisive music thread.

I know its spelled, "divisive", but for any of you to point that out, would be divisive, so I'll fall on that sword for you.
Im a giver.


At the Yosemite deli on Monday, one of the items on the menu board was "Chef's Special Vegeterian Soup". I had the chili.
The beauty of soup is everything gets cooked oblivion, so the soup would have been safe. Although the misspelling tells you the Chef doesn't make his special soup all that often. So maybe you were right to pick the chili...


Looks like your racist buddy ruined your intended non divisive music thread with his predictable God Bless America by a predictably reliable politically conservative country music artist. Then you indulged him with more predictable and political crappy Merle Haggard music.

I assume Johnny Paycheck is about ready for his entrance. I’ve got 200 quatloos on it. Don’t let me down.