National Cup Boys 1999 Round of 16 tainted.


You're quite the persuader.

I watched in 720p, slowed down, its still not very sharp and almost half a field away. The referee is within 10 yards. What I see is the player go past the defender who appears to reach out and spin the offensive player. But as I said it's hard to see in this video and apparently the person with better footage won't post it. So for purposes of this thread, I'll assume the referee made the wrong call.

That being said, how would the game have been over? Were they playing under modified rules that allow the team up by 2 goals with 5 minutes to go to win? As others noted, I would love to see that last 5 minutes where strikers gave up 3 goals to lose. That must have been some play by GS, and horrible refereeing. It certainly couldn't have been a meltdown by strikers, who only needed to hold for 5 minutes.
I believe the game ended 4-4 and the extra 2 goals came in OT