Donald J Trump Enemy of the People

The demagogue in chief is a direct threat to America and its people. Putin and our adversaries couldn't have dreamed up someone who is so willing to destroy America.
Many of the Left’s recent policy proposals are not only quite radical, but scientifically, economically, and numerically illiterate. They are crowding out discussion of serious proposals to deal with the legitimate issues raised. A closer look reveals, for example, that Medicare for All and the Green New Deal wildly violate the laws of supply and demand, physics, and arithmetic. The many tens of trillions of dollars of new spending would explode the already record-high post-World War II national debt, even after an array of new and higher taxes that would undermine incentives to work, save, invest and enhance skills, along with American firms’ global competitiveness. Factual—not the left’s fantasized—comparisons to European nationalized health systems, social welfare states, and taxes, and to energy and environmental realities, suggest these proposals could well result in an economic, health care, and energy disaster trifecta with dangerous unintended consequences (for example, to the food supply). Better, affordable solutions without the risk of serial disaster are available.
The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal, mocked for some of its more absurd initial suggestions, such as abolishing airplanes and cows, is a top-down government-planning industrial-policy nightmare. It proposes over twelve years to:

(1) Require that 100 percent of power be provided by renewables. Impossible. Wind and solar now account for just 8 percent and, despite all the subsidies and mandates, are not projected to reach even 30 percent for several decades. Intermittent wind and solar require backup if electricity is to be reliably provided, and that will come from fossil fuels. The only renewable alternatives are hydroelectric power and nuclear power. Together they account for more than three times the power from wind and solar, of which nuclear accounts for two-thirds but will decline with impending plant retirements. We should be using more, not less, nuclear power, but it cannot be expanded quickly for a host of reasons, from a dearth of young nuclear engineers in the pipeline to permitting red tape. In any event, it
is strongly opposed by most environmentalists, as are more dams. California’s legislature and regulators are so captured by the solar and wind lobbies that hydro is excluded from meeting renewables standards, and of the state’s two nuclear power plants, one is shuttered and the other likely soon will be.
Many of the Left’s recent policy proposals are not only quite radical, but scientifically, economically, and numerically illiterate.
From the book American Carnage: Trump laughing because he fooled them into giving him total support, "fucking evangelicals!".
Why is t and those around him/support him so openly anti- semetic yet claim to support Israel? Is it so they have a place they can send them, "back to"?
President Donald Trump and his aides this past week celebrated an environmental legacy that is not theirs to claim.

In large measure, the progress they cited pre-dates Trump's presidency. And in some of the particulars, they were wrong. For example, the air is not cleaner under Trump.

The tendency to seek credit for things achieved by others or not achieved at all spread to other areas of federal policy. Trump's veterans affairs chief cited improvements in waiting times and quality of care at VA health centers as examples of the good job he's doing leading the department, despite the fact that the progress came before he took the position. The president repeated his familiar boast that more people than ever before are working, ignoring the main reason for that — there are more people than ever before.
So now the BLM is being moved out of DC? Another demolition of a vital US institution, all for the good of what? t and co. of course, certainly not America or Americans. We are being fleeced people and sold down the river.