Chances of Lockdown impacting soccer this fall

Yes, that is the choice I'm leaning at for sure. What kind of work do you do silverback? Have you lost everything you worked hard for and have to start all over and in order to do it you have to roll up sleeve and get jabbed twice and forever more? This is a ruff crowd and i know why. My hate PMs is lighting up by assholes again. I'm not sure if it's one asshole or a few, but man you guys are nasty fellas. Look, this hole thing is a shame and a scam and I feel sorry for some of you. I will leave now because silverback's wants me to leave and that hurts. NoCal Dad makes fun of me and I get that. I had it coming, you know, all the bad luck financially that has hit me the last 18 months and all the bad vibes I get from all you rich dads. It's probably time to leave because I can feel it through my computer has angry some of you are. I guess I should have just kneeled, rolled up my sleeve and take the two jabs, wear mask indoors so I could be in your inner circles of and be fake friends. I can get tested too all the time and get boosters and obey and wear mask 24/7. Ya, no thanks silverbacks. It's all yours. Seriously, you guys can have California if this is how you treat people you dont agree with or just hate. I should read some of your hate mail but I wont because I made a promise. Husker, Espola, Dad 4, Roadrunner and the rest, I'm out for the rest of the week. See ya!!


no one cares barney......leave the forums and then california , double win for us......
get lost.
fucking wacko.