Are Nevada tournaments in Danger?


Players showcase in March. Any chance of that happening?
We are scheduled for Heat FC Invitational the first weekend in March. Governor Sisolak just extended statewide pause 30 days which takes Nevada to mid Feb. If their numbers don't improve over the next 30 days it will be extended again to mid March. Could be difficult to get either of those tournaments in.
The Heat FC invitational I really hoping for and it would really suck if that is postponed again especially as LV just keeps getting hotter with each passing month..... what I have been told is that it will have a tournament and an ECNL-only bracket for ages U-13 to U-19 where three games will be played by the teams across three days....... maybe they league games since we only played two in SW..... I will ask...... but let the kids play.... especially GU-15s


I would say May is too hot. Usually our state cup finals are held mid April and the weather is pretty good. It starts to get pretty bad end of April, beginning of May.
We are used to heat where we are in Norcal, (not Bay Area,) but we've heard our 110 is not like Vegas' 110- I'd rather not test that theory :)


Per AccuWeather the ave highs for May 7 , 8 and 9 ( which are the dates of the rescheduled LV Majors Cup International Boys ) are 85 85 85 .

For Girls playing May 14 ,15 and 16 the ave highs are 87 87 88 .

The last week of May averages 91 to 93 .