Alternative for graduating 2003's

Banana Hammock

I am cross posting this in the girls forum as it applies to both:

I would like to relate to you my son's recent decision regarding his post HS soccer future. Given the last years playing challenges and as a personal choice, my son has decided to forgo college and enlist in the Marine Corps. He has many reasons for this. First, he simply is not ready for more school right now. Second, getting recruited over the past year has been difficult. DS is good enough to get recruit at many colleges and universities, but refer back to first reason. Third, was the family tradition of serving in the Marine Corps. Fourth, was the finances of attending college. The GI bill is currently worth close to $100k. Fifth, NCAA eligibility is frozen while in the military, meaning that you are eligibly to play after service. Sixth, playing high level soccer in the military is an option.

You may want to consider this option with your DS/DD if attending college right now seems undoable.
That's a great idea and wonderful for your son. You should be proud of him and his decision. He will have an amazing journey and have so many adventures and opportunities. You should have him check out the soccer team. I know the army has one that soldiers can try out for and be a part of the team as their military assignment for a short season - not sure if the marines have a team also.