The Brag Thread


If anyone planning to continue with masters, that's 1 year of playing - I would take that.
If played right, if a student finishes their undergrad in 3 years, they would still have the 4th year + 1 bonus year. So if you have a smart cookie you may be able to get a bachelors and a masters. At least that makes sense in my own head.

Regardless I hope your player enjoys being back and that they consider all their options when the time comes!

A coach recently told me of a HS senior girl having her scholarship pulled because it was needed for the college senior that decided to take the extra year.


State cup game. Son was watching the game before in his age group. A gk let a ball slip between his legs costing his team the game at about the hour mark. Kid was pretty devastated. After the game as my son was taking field to warm up he went up to the kid and told him don’t feel happens to the best of us.
The keeper world, its small but tight knit. You want to see them all succeed, except the one across from you for the next 90 minutes.


One of the bigger compliments my daughter recently got from an opposing coach about a picture I posted on Facebook from National Cup. One of the very few times she was actually interested in something that was said about her.

"Btw. I was coaching against your team that day and I will say, your daughter was an absolute beast. She is a talent that needs to be seen. She was legit!! Hats off to her and best of luck in the next round."

Kudos to the coach and a reminder of the impact coaches can have on all players, not just their own team.


First time on the brag thread but I don't have any social media and I need to brag :) My little sophomore only played 5 high school games this year due to switching schools and the mandatory SOP as well as missing 2 due to the Florida showcase. She earned herself an all league honorable mention!! Never expected that with such a short season and with only playing a few of the high schools in the league once.

Nice to see all the hours of training being recognized by other coaches.

Keeper pops

My daughter tore her ACL, LCL, Meniscus and had fractures of her tibia and femur. It was a long recovery and she is back stronger than she was before. Covid allowed her to have some extra months to train. She wrote the below post a few month's ago and we are so proud of her.

One year ago today I had reconstructive surgery on my knee. I always heard stories of soccer players tearing their ACL. I prayed and prayed that day would never come for me. On August 17, 2019 during my club scrimmage, I ended up tearing my ACL, LCL and meniscus and fractures. Soccer, is much more than a sport to me! Hearing the doctor tell me that I wouldn’t be able to play the game that I love, and have loved the past 12 years of my life, broke my heart! Having a major injury, as an athlete, is something that you don’t understand the effects until it happens to you. I felt so alone no matter how many times someone told me it was all going to be okay. Going from practicing 4 times a week and games every weekend with club, to training on my own and learning how to walk and run again, was a big change. No matter what, I knew that I wanted to get back to soccer and I was going to do whatever it took. It has definitely not been an easy recovery!
Finally, thanks to the countless hours of physical therapy, biomechanical training, lots of Advil and MOST IMPORTANTLY my family, coaches and friends! I am a couple weeks away from being able to be released for contact. Thirteen months and I will be back on the soccer field at 100%! If I could go back and change anything, I wouldn’t! The scar on my left knee is much more than just a scar. It reminds me everyday that hard work and dedication pay off and it shows how far I have come. I am so proud of myself for not giving up when times were rough and continuing to believe that everything happens for a reason.
I can't wait to play soccer again!
I applaud your DD for her positive perspective to get back and do what she loves. My 03 DD went thru 2 ACL missing her Frosh & Junior as well as club seasons.
She worked her tail off after the 2nd and videotaped her rehab sessions. Used it as her recruiting tool which worked. She had multiple offers at D3 & NAIA level. She committed 10 months post surgery her senior year.
She played the 2nd half of her HS shortened season & lost in the 1st round. Then this Memorial weekend, she played her final club game which she joined the team coached by her HS in the spring. The purpose was not in a competitive manner but to keep her rehab process and prep for college. As now she is getting ready to leave for college life in MN.
Our keepers are different breed and surely a special place in our hearts.


Thought I would give an update. She is heading to Orlando for the Inter Regional camp and games Nov 20-24 as part of the West Region ODP team. She is very excited that she made the team.
That's where my son got most of his recruiting exposure. Schools we never heard of before put him on their list. It was December of his junior year in HS, perfect timing.