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Good Sunday Mates, I hope everyone had a great week. I received so many PMs and text from folks asking me to come back to the forum I decided to come back on Sundays only. Also, my wife and I both decided to keep all the tough talks about Rona, Religion, Race, Adoption instead of Abortion, Vaccine, Yes or No? And of course Politics out of all forum chats ((PM me only if you want to go deep with Crush. Crush is an open book and can go super deep but most are afraid)). So, I will do what I do best and talk sports and smack it back to others on soccer and sports takes only.

High School Soccer ((HSS)) is getting so much needed love this year. The girls are having so much fun and are building friendship that will last a life time. I told so many of you three years ago how HSS was being unfairly attacked by so-called Euro soccer Docs who wanted full time soccer players 11 months/4 Days a week and travel all over the country with that failed GDA. They said HSS sucked and was bad soccer. The fact is, these Euro's didn;t grow up in our killer High School Sports Systems and they just wanted our money and will say whatever you want them to say so all your time and money stayed in GDA. $15,000 a year for those who had the extra dough to spend was the commitment. That model cut all the poor folks out of GDA. Then all public school kids were banned from participating in THE UNITED STATES YOUTH NATIONAL TEAM SOCCER PROGRAM where all the national scouts would pick The List from. So to recap, all public school kids were not allowed to play GDA. Let that sink in for a second. Hello everyone, do you now see what I saw years ago? The only kids allowed to participate in the USA SOCCER PROGRAM ((GDA)) and HSS were the private school kids whose parents had sway and power because they have the money. When you have money, you get to pay ((control)) for stuff you want for your kids.

It has been a pleasure reading from so many of you this week about how wrong some of you were about HSS and now you see the benefits socially for dd playing HSS. I swear, my dear daughter got so much shit, full of Bull from Docs about HSS three years ago. The mental anguish was brutal on my Cheetah back in the day, that today, she is on full attack mode and no more playing around. No more nice Cheetah. Today, my dd made the right decision three years ago and I'm so proud of her for standing up to liars in the sport. Like I said a million times over the last three years, this should never have been an either or situation for her or any public school child who wanted to help the USA Youth Soccer Program. I mean at the very least she should have been biting on the heels on the next best player ahead of her to push the Great One to be great. Both and ((GDA & HSS)) should have been in play and that is the main reason GDA failed. GDA was run by the wrong folks and we should never do that again, MOO!!!!

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