Strikers FC North B04 looking for 1-2 players for the World Famous Super Cup (Milk Cup) in Northern Ireland July 2022

SFCN 2019


Our team has been accepted into the Super Cup (formerly Milk Cup) in Northern Ireland for this July. Tour dates are July 20th - 31st. The travel details are on the attached file.

I am looking to add only 1-2 attacking players to complete the roster. This same team traveled to Spain in 2019 and competed in the Donosti Cup. This is the last trip before the players head off to college and the next journey in their life.

I am open to 2004 or 2005 players. The tournament usually has professional clubs, European, South American and local Irish teams competing. You can check out the event on the link below:

This is not the reason I take teams on these tours but for the Super Cup in particular, it has talent scouts from many of the top clubs and player agencies across Europe due to the high level of the event. If anyone has aspirations of showcasing themselves, this trip may be a great option for you and your son.

Complete details, costs and total breakdown can be discussed once I hear back from any interested parties.

Thanks for your time and reach out to me via text or email if you want to discuss this opportunity further.

Steven McManus
Strikers FC North Executive Director
Strikers FC North B04, B05, B06


Whenever I see these kinds of advertisements, I assume they are ripoffs. But I could be wrong. These are my initial questions.

1. I looked at the itinerary, and then at the price. Oh, wait, I could not find the price in your brochure. So, what is the bill going to be when all is included, including training, transportation, tour fees, tournament fees, coaching fees ... etc ...? How long to the players have to be on your team? What are the monthly fees?

2. It looks like the last time the Strikers went to this tournament was in 2019, where it had a squad of "juniors" and "premiers." Their scores are posted, and let me tell you, I wasn't very impressed. It looks like each of the teams lost about 2/3 to 3/4 of their games, with a number of shut-outs. If scouts for "professional clubs" truly were out there, I can't believe they were very much interested in your teams.

3. Tell us how many of your attending players were given contracts by the "professional clubs" which supposedly scouted them? Since that is "the reason [you] take teams on these tours," I assume you can provide the names of the players on the rosters (which are included on the site), who received professional contracts.