Stock Tips?

My favorite stock plays moving into this year and into the future:

$PSTH - Bill Ackman's SPAC - largest spac of al time (still seeking company)
$SBE - Largest EV charging station manufacturer in the world
$MP - Rare earth mining materials company; largest in US and directed at sustainable green energy
$NIO - Will be the Tesla of China
$OPEN - Real Estate disruptor. Most underrated stock IMO.
$APXT - SPAC merging with AvePoint. Cloud service provider with partnership already with Microsoft. No debt. Already profitable. Huge upside potential
$STPK - Clean energy storage ran by artificial intelligence

These are the only stocks I own besides ARK mutual funds and some options plays on other stocks.

Other ones I like that I don't own but have good order flow. (may buy later)

All my calls above have been dynamite; only loser currently is APXT, but the fundamentals are strong and upcoming catalysts make it a buy for me long term. Possible call option short term swing as well.


TOPS - Ships crude. Own their own fleet and now that we are no longer energy independent we will be shipping a lot more crude in. Bounced off its lows recently and has a had a nice run lately. Still plenty of room to go.
Great Call Frank!
Broad market correction yesterday and today; chance it continues next week.

$NIO and $OPEN

are at beautiful dips/entry points right now. Two of my favorite long term holdings. I think $NIO can trade $500 eventually 3-5 yr now $55 and $OPEN $125-150 3-5 yr now $30