Sharks ECNL

Nobody really hates Sharks + everyone wants to see them succeed.

What current parents + players dont understand is that issues arent at the MW level.
Oh for sure! My daughter has played with a decent amount of the players on that 2008 Sharks team and we hope they do well; helps to have more competitive teams in North County playing at a higher level.


okay Homer...Shark parents like yourself continuously posting here to make it "the #1 topic in SoCal girls soccer" does not make the club relevant. Just be content and secure with your choice of club personally. You don't need affirmation from random readers and posters here. And, for the record, I hope the club can improve its lopsided goal differentials. It's better for the league as a whole. But that doesn't mean we need to hear about every W each week or read predictions about how great the club is going to be. "Where there is humility, there is more success."
I respectfully disagree. No harm in being a vocal supporter of your club. Especially since it has been an underdog for so long.
Question is, that i totally dont know, is why is everyone leaving arsenal? Is it coaching/club?
I blame the DOC. It starts at the top and from what I’ve been told by the parents leaving from multiple age groups is that it’s due to the DOCs decisions and individual involvement which has them running for the hills. The arrogance and mismanagement of players, parents and staff is unlike something I’ve ever seen.
Yes, this and so much more.
So I am only interested in G2007-G2010 so I'm not sure about boys or other age groups.

Sharks 2010- they were put in Super Black (not by choice) and won the entire thing and went undefeated the entire tournament.

Sharks 2009 played Best of Best -won, tied, lost. All games were competitive. I believe they lost by 1 goal

Sharks 2008- Also put in Super Black. They went undefeated and made it to semis. They by far were the better team but ended up losing from free kicks and had many missed opportunities. I also know they were missing a key forward.

Sharks 2007- Played Super Black and won two and lost by 1 goal to Placer who ended up winning the whole thing . They dominated Albion in bracket play.

All teams out played Albion,City and Rebels in those age groups, so I think Surf Cup proved Sharks is definitely the 2nd top Club for Girls in SD and have come a long way in a few months time with new teams. Let's see how they fair in Blues Cup, hopefully they get placed in top bracket