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Matthew 5:13-6 has me thinking about true confessions for some reason.

When we started u9 club soccer many moons ago I was naive and had no idea what we where getting into.

The 7+ years since has been mostly postitve but some detours along the way.

My son is on the smaller size, slight bulid, both parents < avg weight & height. He always liked running & does 10k+ regularly & started playing soccer at the Y when he was 5 with a foam ball.

Soccer was coed at the Y and he had a great time but he was so much quicker then everbody else they put him in the next age group because parents where complaining. Even playing vs the older kids there was no stopping him and some outdoor team coach soon approached and told us about ayso so we signed up in fall.

He was only 6 but the coach told us he could play u8 but he seemed so small when we showed up the first day. He got faster and better as the season went on and would score 3 or more goals all the time, sometime during the first 10 minutes of play. Near the later half of season several club coaches contacted us and asked if he wanted to train with them.

After checking some of them out by just observation he found a coach that he liked so when to a tryout of a u8 development team. At the last day of the tryout the director came over and said he wanted him for his u9 team. That was a big surprise since those kids where about 2 yrs older. We mullied that offer over, right after kindergarten I wasn't sure he had the vocab to understand the coach or was ready for "travel soccer". Eventually told him we would try this new program for a month, well he really liked the coach and got hooked at his first tournament which they won with him getting the MVP ball at the end, was really proud of that.
No, but the poster or the owner/operator of the forum might have some civil complications.
How does that relate to posting a video on an internet forum service provided by a private business? Does a poster's First-Amendment rights trump the business owner's right to control the posted content?

And if you take the time to read it, it's quite a bit more and less than what people wish it to be.
I can't imagine any potential civil liability unless the video was an inaccurate depiction of what occurred.


@espola, "risk" is a lawyer$ be$t friend. You got an audience of curious lurkers here. Please, set up the case for civil liability. #curious


They (Forum) can post any public video they wish as long as its not for profit. The have zero liability if they "re-post" a video.