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  • Students choice once a semester any of three choices

    Votes: 2 6.5%
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Not according to a chief of staff for the largest healthcare provider in California. Nice try though.

The graph you posted was made by Victor Tseng. Again he is talking about direct impact of Covid more specific front line healthcare workers.

Try this:

Frontline workers and PSWs will face ‘moral injury’
Those working on the frontlines and in long-term care homes will be especially vulnerable because of the decisions they have had to make.

“Many will struggle with potential PTSD or some sort of trauma as a result of what they’ve seen or the work and decisions they’ve made,” says Fardous Hosseiny, vice-president of research and public policy at the Centre of Excellence on PTSD at the Royal Mental Health Centre in Ottawa.

Everything points to a very significant psychological consequence to this crisis
Those working in healthcare or the public safety sector are especially at risk of ‘moral injury,’ which involves witnessing actions that would violate one’s own moral beliefs or standards. This can lead people to feeling inadequately supported or sense of betrayal from the system that puts them in this position to make these decisions.

That is directly from the article with the graph.