Recommendation for OC soccer trainer?

Apologies in advance if this has been addressed before.

Any recommendations for personal soccer trainers based in Orange County?


burgi hoffman. German guy-my kids really like him and they do well when they have trained with him. great trainer. does smaller groups and personal training.
Burgi’s a bit older.
Levi is younger.
Both have thick accents.
Jaime Arroyo is solid. Good personality for all ages.
Mauricio Bardales (pats coach) is really good too. Great for technical work.
Kylie Roach is great if you want a female that will push your kid.
Burgi Hoffman. Knows how to train kids properly (national team players, college players, pros) and doesn’t sugar coat how your kids are doing. almost anyone who has been around in OC knows Burgi. I’ve gone to see what they are doing at other training but my kids always go to Burgi for consistent training. Just have to stay away from the “cone tossers” who don’t use anything besides a few cones and maybe a latter every week - some of those guys can also be pretty expensive. Some also think doing push ups, sit ups and running them for an hour is training. When you go to enough camps, individual and group training you will figure out who the legit coaches are