Players Showcase 2020 corona virus

Clark County has two confirmed cases of the Corona Virus. Do you think they will cancel. They cancelled the pro tennis tournament today in indian wells today because they had one case in the city. What do you guys think


At this point no, will proceed as planned according to the latest correspondence I heard they sent out recently.


I do not see them cancelling this tournament. There has been an event almost every weekend and only 2 cases. We have had UFC, Presidential Debates, Mayors Cup, Vegas Cup, DA and National League Matches, Heat Invitational, Best of the West LAX Tournament, how many concerts and shows. Wash you hands, cover your mouth when you cough and then wash your hands. Now last weekend some teams just chose to clap at each other rather than shake hands and that is cool too. Soccer on!


You certainly don’t want to get quarantined for 2 weeks in a Vegas hospital. It’s like a 3rd world country, but with more crime and disease.
Off base there. We actually have some great hospitals. Now UMC is not the best but the Dignity Hospitals and the Southern Hills/Summerlin/Centennials are very nice. I get there is never any crime is socal or COVID-19 in socal.
My mother in law got sick at a strip hotel a few years ago. Rushed her to the hospital emergency room. Not sure which hospital it was- fairly close to the strip. It was a very “interesting” ER visit.

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National League which is run in conjunction with Players Showcase has been cancelled.
if the rest of the showcase is going to happen it would be nice if the NL teams that want to play were given the option to do so. Not as NL games, but as Showcase games for those NL teams who want to play.


Dear managers/coaches,

The Players College Showcase Tournament will be played as scheduled. Please pass along this information to all your team members. Please do not cancel your travel plans. There is no travel restriction to Las Vegas.

We look forward hosting your team in Las Vegas.

Thank you,