Placer United stirring it up


I asked my dd if she could be a Lion for one day or a sheep for 100 years, what animal would she choose. In one second she said, "a lion." Ask your dds what their favorite animal is and the three adjectives explaining why. Play along as well and ask yourself the same question. Share if you want to. I will explain all this if you participate. I love this game of the brain.

My favorite animal is a dog and here's why
1. Loyal
2. Playful
3. Happy

My dd fav animal and why. She said a Cheetah
1. Independent
2. Fast
3. Predator


I will not be here tomorrow or Saturday. Maybe Saturday evening. So all those who want the forum without me spamming, go for it. It's my special day so let me go parler on everyone today.


Its a bit weird that you can hammer on a club and all their coaches, members, etc and call it a dumpster fire for weeks and someone says a few things in rebuttal and a few jokes and you can’t take it. That’s alright keep dishing it out I’m sure no one on this site will give it back to you. It was a joke about blues, sorry. We have friends there and they like it, we just never checked them out because my kids age groups there weren’t competitive and we weren’t excited about the coaches in their particular age groups. Not trying to put down just being honest. I’m sure they have strong teams and great coaches in other age groups.
Classic. Your rebuttals and jokes were straight up insulting and disrespectful comments. And then you play the victim card and whine bc you didn't like the response to your insults? er jokes? It's crap like this that adds to the toxic culture.

If it helps you, I'm sorry I didn't laugh at your insults and expressed my dissatisfaction with your jokes in a way that hurt your feelings.


Don’t worry about not laughing at my jokes, they are not that funny. I’m a broken record here but you hate your old club and it’s a dumpster fire. I am happy at your old club and have had great coaching and seen lots of development that is keeping my kids right where they need to be if they have long term soccer goals. Agree to disagree. I’m sure you can find multiple people that can really hammer any club but most just find a new club that fits them better. I could go off on the cross town club but I don’t because I know people that are happy there. But I have heard some shitty stuff and seen a huge influx to my club in the last 2-3 years.
Again, cheers