MLS Next U15 Qualifiers

Looking forward to watching Union v Austin. Anyone happen to know when that match is?


Teams play Friday, Saturday OR Sunday, and Monday.
I've heard that MLS teams play Friday, Saturday and Monday, while non-MLS play Friday, Sunday, Monday.
I don't know that to be true.

Also, every club should have their schedule as of midweek last week.
My assumption is that the weekend days are the biggest days for college scouts and this assures fewer conflicts for those scouts trying to see as many players from both buckets.
I’ll be around the games.
everyone come say hi.
I’m a tall dude, big build… and I’ll wear a blue shirt.
if you’re not sure it’s me… Give me a hug and say you’re from the site.


Question-- For those who are waivered to play high school, how many games are the players allowed to play once they return to the MLS season?


thank you for the schedule, in an easy to use- find manner--- sooooooo, no additional team yet for the last group.. or at least not one that has been made known
If you click on a team you will see its games schedule, and if you do this for any team in the last group, you will see that they are playing the Sockers, as it was stated in this thread a while back.