Loss of one of our community members


It is with heavy heart that I share this info.

One of the SoCalSoccer member passed away at the young age of 51 last Thursday. He's was a teacher and a coach at Sonora HS and proud father of college soccer player, and a friend.

The family has setup GFM account at:


Like may of us who have kids that aged out of youth soccer, our presence is spotty at best but while his son was playing youth soccer, he was very active here.

Papa Teran

Heartfelt condolences and truly sorry for the loss of your friend, Marc Tourville. Prayers to his family and friends. Marc will be missed and may his soul rest in peace.


Thank you for your words. Its never easy to lose anyone, let a lone a friend.

Marc's son (Blake, 19 yrs old, older of two boys) is left to deal with aftermath of his dad passing, since he was a single man. Clearly, friends and other family members are helping but the bulk of the weight lands on Blake's shoulders.

Please keep Blake in your thoughts and prayers to get through the difficult tasks and times.

Again, thank you...