LA Galaxy to remove alliance program

What is the fundraising requirement now $400??
No. Its only £ 312 GBP., All payments will need to be made in sterling on a go forward basis. And fields will only be measured in metres.
Anyone familiar with how competitive the other US Liverpool affiliates are? For instance, Liverpool IA Norcal - anyone know anything about their reputation? I realize it's mostly branding, etc, but if they're all pretty good, then maybe there's significant value in teaching "the Liverpool way". My guess is probably just a mixed bag of results, and dependent on local coaches...
To me it makes LA Galaxy look like they don't really have any idea what they are doing.
Actually- It looks to me like the LA Galaxy MLS team does have a plan. That plan is to get out of the business of Youth Soccer and to work on their professional team and academy.
Why put the effort towards youth leagues when you should be focusing on the pro side of things?
Why alienate some fans who might have had a bad experience playing with or against a LA Galaxy Youth affiliate team?
Why alienate some coaches who aren't part of the "LA Galaxy Youth Franchise" family.

If they were smart, they'd be reaching out to all clubs across So Cal and offering up programs to grow their brand and to give all players and coaches a taste of what a professional soccer organization is like. They can run camps and clinics all the time. And now there isn't the "threat" to competing youth clubs that the Galaxy affiliates will be trying to gobble up teams/players/coaches.


I think it does depend on the team. I was waiting for my son's game to warm-up a few weeks ago and the '04 DPL LAGSB team manager was having a parent meeting. He was discussing the option for his team - nothing had been decided yet. He did mention that the '05 DPL team was moving en masse to FRAM.

Again I was eavesdropping a few weeks ago so things may have changed -my ears were fine tuned because we are looking to move our daughter after high school season and was curious about what was happening with the galaxy teams.