LA Galaxy OC New B05 Team F1/ F2 Looking for One Player

Posting for a friend of mine who is on the team. I also know the coach - very solid coach.

This is a new team formed with a Mix of Solid Flight 1 and Flight 2 players. They have one spot for any field player or even a keeper who wants to play both keeper and the field.

Coach: Jerry Keeler
Boys ODP Coach
Girls College Coach
HS Coach
Youth Academy Player at Tottenham & West Ham
Pro European & Domestic Soccer Experience

"Looking for a solid player, doesnt need to be a worldbeater. Mindset of parent should be competing with a bigger development picture in mind. Competitive Flight 1 or 2 not determined and will work itself out. Team is made up of players from South/East/Central OC. Practices have been in Irvine. "

Solid Coach, I've picked his brain about soccer. Guy gets development and seems like every coach I run into knows him. Contact the coach directly (since i have no info of practice times and location):