Kids and news


Yesterday I asked my daughter what she thinks about all this and all she said was "It's not real".
My 12 yo asked me, "Daddy, is the world ending?".

That made me sad … but I was happy she asked so I could reassure her.

Socal United

I have a 19 and 21 year old that were away at college and now forced to be home(my empty nest lasted 7 months). It is interesting listening to them about what is going on. My son was pretty sick over winter break so he is so hell bent on not getting sick he barely leaves his room. My daughter just turned 21 and is so upset about not being able to go do Vegas, bars, etc. Both do understand as one of us is now out of work and the other with a 20-50% pay cut if kept. "People our age just don't understand how important it is because everyone says it only kills older people and we all think we are invincible"


Ha my high school son thinks it's a Russian hack / conspiracy. They closed their borders first well in advance, very little domestic problems realted to covid-19 , and maybe have the most to gain economically. Bioterrorism messing with the US, China, Europe I don't know? Russia what's up?