It's Club Soccer - Don't Complain About it

I get a chuckle when I see people (especially coaches) referring to possession as if it were a real thing. There is no agreement on how to measure it, and the methods admittedly include subjective judgments. But then again so do classic stats like shots on goal, assists, and saves.
Right here in your first sentence. You imply that possession does not exist.
You gotta do the math.

Baseball pitched at 95mph=139 ft/s over 90 ft distance = 1.54 ft/s
Softball pitched at 60mph=88 ft/s over 60 ft distance = 1.47 ft/s

Baseball is moving faster. On the top of that, the velocity difference between a fastball, breaking ball and change up can be over 0.25 ft/s over the 90 ft distance so the timing is changed significantly (~16%).

The thing with softball pitch that makes it difficult for baseball batters to hit is fact that the players are not used to the ball rising over the trajectory rather down coming down. Not the relative speed over the distance.

Baseball is 60'6" to home plate, softball is 43'...