Ideas for distanced practice


What good ideas to people have for ways to practice within current regulations?

That is, what can you do once the team can get together, but you can’t get within 6 feet?

We’ve done some with long balls traps. two kids 10-20 yards apart. One sends a ball to the other, who has to control it and send it back. Earn a point for each ball sent and received well.

Long ball crosses also work. put a water bottle in each corner of the goal. A dribbles to the corner, crosses to B, who finishes. Point if they knock over the bottle.

Can do the same thing with a towel or jacket handing in the top corner. Point if the jacket moves.

what do y’all use?
7mlc on YouTube has some good videos for distanced training. His last one in particular with dynamic passing is a good one to use with three players who are distanced at least 5 yards most of the time -
. Another good one is two players in boxes 10 - 15 yards apart and they try to hit a ball at the other person as hard as possible and you get one touch to keep the ball in the box.