Good News Soccer Stories Only


Jpeter how's this possible? In our area they can't form Extras teams because they can't hold mass tryouts and the fall team organization doesn't start up until August and remains a question mark.
My DD played Extra before going to club. In our region the Extra teams pretty much stay together year round and girls come and go during that time. They hold tryouts and add players to fill spots. I would assume that if there is any AYSO training going on it's Extra teams practicing with what ever hold overs they have that are planning to with the team.


@Ellejustus. Great idea keeping it positive. My kid’s team finished tonight with hellacious windsprints and she took a knee twice but ran it out. All the running and strength workouts you do alone don’t stack up to good ol fashioned soccer sprints with your team!
My sons 09 team got accepted into CRL they have 29 days before there first game half the team is in vacation lol they definitely will not be match fit but at this point who cares