Game fixing


Very easy to get me off track. I may start a thread on GK.
Anyway this was the best GK at the time and I believe would be the best now, although Manual Neuer plays a better positioning game IMO. You can see how little catching is involved. In slower balls - the women's game the ball is more catch-able. But the point is to keep it out of goal, get it out of play. Then, if you can - catch it.

DD copied him.
I'm with you. I guess what I am focused on is that Kahn's hands are not that really big. It looks like he is using gloves/mits that are way longer than his actual fingers so he can deflect more balls away from goal. 2:22 into the second video shows how enormous they are. And 48 seconds into the first video, he wouldn't have saved that goal without the elongated gloves. Which brings me back to my belief that goalies are essentially manipulating equipment to gain an extra advantage. If goalies aren't really catching the ball, then why do they need gloves at all. Is it just in the guise of protecting their hands?