G2007 Flight 1 Liverpool FC International Academy SoCal

G2007 Premier Liverpool FC International Academy SoCal in Irvine is seeking 2 more players to complete their roster for the upcoming year.

Team will be playing flight 1 SCDSL and have access to (included) Coerver training and fitness/weight training in addition to regular practices.

If interested in tryout, please reach out to coach Justine Sauder-Cooper (justinesauder@gmail.com).

Havent heard anyone ever say anything but good things about Justine’s quality of coaching. Too bad the Liverpool’s reputation isn’t as good. Kids are in good hands as long the coach insulates kids from the org.
Selling the Parents of the real young ones is easy. tons of those kids to grab from rec - especially when you have your own rec program. 2007/2006 become bigger problem. 2005+ and up forget it. Parents start to know the game. Harder to replace kids that leave the team because the club takes away a Coaches team - even if the incoming coach is good. Some people still believe in ethics and professionalism


Unsolicited plug for Justine. In just a few short months she's taken a team with low confidence and little direction and really gotten them on track with both team/organizational/strategic concepts as well as with individual play, and she's great at communicating with her players and parents.

As for LAGOC/Liverpool, I don't see it as being any better or worse than any of the other clubs in OC.