G04 Tier 1 Champions Tryouts - CDA Slammers Orange

How did your team do in National Cup? Looks like one team forfeited and another one lost in bracket play? I heard there were 18+ girls at each game and still not enough talent to make it through?
18+ girls sounds like a coach who doesnt know how to utilize what he or she has. Wouldnt spend a lot of time looking there
I have zero knowledge of either of these teams and their rosters. But I wouldn't read too much into it.
Their Discovery team forfeited National Cup. This team didn't have a great record in season, but were in a lot of very close games. Several 1 goal losses and 5 ties.
Their Europa South team played National Cup. They finished in 2nd place in Europa.

Maybe the Discovery team was going to be missing a lot of players (Spring Break, etc). So that team dropped out. But there were some girls that were around to play. So they combined those girls with the other team for National Cup.

They are billing this tryout as a "Champions" bracket team. Are they combining the teams?
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