Free Online Skills Training. Everyday.


I just wanted to share this with everyone. If your kids are going crazy or if you are......

From my Facebook post earlier today:

I don’t know about you but this is my first pandemic. What I do know is that I don’t know what to do. Do I tell others to just relax while thinking in the back of my mind that I need to prepare? Or do I cancel my son’s birthday party so I can wait for the next pallet of toilet paper to go on sale? Who knows? I’m either overreacting or the first man to die of diaper rash because I had to use leaves from the backyard. What I do know is that with a house of 7 this pseudo-quarantine may claim a couple of lives in my home and none will be from Corona-virus.
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That is why I decided to offer free online daily training. This offer is for everyone. Age, gender, skill level does not matter. All your players will need is a ball, size 1 preferably or regulation size soccer ball, a tennis ball or a pair of socks rolled up. If you have a rebounder, a wall or a buddy that is even better.
Each training will be 60 minutes long but you can join or leave at any time. Will it be earth-shattering, innovative technical drills? No. I’m not that good or creative. But I am good at filling an hour with a program that will get your player around 5000-75000 touches per day. Yes, per day.

There is no sales pitch, no product, no premium program. This is not for monetary gain. Just trying to break up the mundane and in my house save a life or two. Soccer can be so territorial at times but this is not one of those times. We all live and play together so let's get through this together as well. We are all on the same team.
Go to to add yourself to the email list to get updated times and web address for the live stream. It starts tomorrow and we'll do at least once a day, two if I am feeling frisky. Enjoy your Sunday.

PS - feel free to share with anyone.march 16th.png