CRL Academy

Anyone know what this is? Anyone heard of it? Is CRL having two pools of teams this year?


I thought that was National Cup?

Are we nearing a point where we'll see DA, ECNL and maybe 1 other league. And everyone else goes back and plays rec soccer for $200 a year?


Has Cal South "jumped the shark" with this new naming? I know the want to try to stay fresh but have the run out of ideas or something?

Regular CRL just not catchy enough anymore? Let's create a new "lite" division and call it something else where you no longer have to earn you way in but are gifted in based on club name. Are they trying to copy ussda in that regard thus the naming?

Don't see how another closed division helps or is really needed but have to fill up that Bakersfield or other complexs I guess so why not spend the $$ to play the same teams you would anyway at some far away places.