Missouri leads the U.S. in child marriage, as some 15-year-old girls are forced to marry older men

This is a really old-fashioned, religious practice which is steeped in control and patriarchy.
Why did you post that ?

Do you realize that the Islamist's ( Muslims ) entertain/exercise that very practice on a scale that make what
you posted virtually a nothing burger !
Are you aware of the influx of Obama's forced immigration from Muslim regions that quietly practice that ?
I don't think you are aware or you choose to ignore it so you can post another Democratic generated " Hit "
piece towards the Republican Party....
I notice the Photo happens to be of " Roy Moore " who's from Alabama
( Who by the way didn't do what the article implies by associating his picture with the implication. )

Let's do a little peeling back of Wez's Rotten Lying Onion....

1999 to 2015 = 16 years
Total Marriages of this type approx 1000 ( Missouri )
1000/16 = approx 62.5 per year
300( 21 or older )/16 = 18.75 per year
3 age groups (30)(40)(50) out of 20's
For numbers sake we'll say 30% = the (30)(40)(50) over 16 years
30/16 = 1.875 marriages in that age group per year
What is the demographic breakdown of those 1.875 marriages ?
That's the REAL question !

Now let's ask the question...why did the author use one source from
another state to support his filthy premise....That supports the Picture...
Because the Parent was White ?
Most likely.
Because if he used the stats from Missouri it might expose
something possibly quite different.
Look at the chart below.
And notice all the pink in Missouri....Hmmmm.
And that leaves out 5 years in the sampling from the article.
The 5 years when the Obama administration was pumping in
Muslim immigrants and seeding them throughout the central
states !

This link below probably explains why the author didn't use
an example from Missouri.

Because it might point to a different source !

Not only is the article Wez's posted a shitbox hit piece,
but it cannot even use examples from the very State
it sources because it might expose something very
disturbing in Missouri....