Corona Virus predicted 1981


Heh heh, wrong Butt Head.
Here are a few things this “prediction” gets wrong:

  • In Koontz’s novel, “Wuhan-400” is a human-made weapon. The coronavirus, on the other hand, was not. Butt Head heh heh heh wrong.
Sort of like Tom Clancy's book where terrorists crash a plane into the Capitol building. The FBI interviewed him after 911.
The Hunt for Red October was required reading where I worked - we even had classified information training on what we couldn't say about submarine sonar systems even though the information was broadly hinted at in the book. Then after a few good books, Clancy's jumped the shark - I didn't read anymore after that - and it turned out he didn't really write them either, instead hiring a team of ghostwriters who developed the plot lines and characters he invented.
"Just The Flu"
NOFX - 1991

Looking back to the past,
Predictions of the end
Unseen ultra violet rays
Are beating on my head

Nuclear threat, want to bet, will be our demise
The day will come when we'll look to apocalyptic skies

When the news had spread, that soon we'd all be dead
Well it just blew our minds
No one could have guessed that our worst fears at best
Figments of our time

So it seems that our dreams will never come to be
How can such a stupid thing destroy humanity?

A few weeks till extinction and there's nothing we can do
A message sent to other worlds will say "It was just the flu"

There's no lesson to be learned
There's no one left to learn it