CIF 2020-21 Sports Calendars


Any idea if kids have to get tested 48 hours before a game?
My understanding is that this is for indoor sports (given the settlement of the SD case) and Football and Water Polo and Rugby only among the outdoor sports. So, it wouldn't be required for soccer.
For CIF southern section 3/22 click below link:

Announcement regarding the status of Section championship for season 2 sports will be no later than April 13.

League play for outdoor sports season 2 is looking good but travel restrictions could have a big impact on the ability to conduct section championships.

In LA county right now our school is not permitted to cross country limes to play contests or host schools from other counties. At a netrual site within the county that may work.
Well CIF-SS has made there interpretation of the CDPH April 6th update and it's not looking promising for spring sports post season

Monday 4/12 is the planned release date for their decision on spring sports sectional championships and a post season or not.

Keeping the finger crossed but seems like there are some significant hundles to overcome. Getting the multiple county heath depts to agree on something is a tall order not to mention that sticky CDPH guidance.
Yes CIF-SS is moving forward with sectional championships for soccer:)

Thank you CIF for thinking of the kids first and making the health math work out. No need to leave the kids stuck in the middle anymore with you know what. I just told my dd and she is so happy and super grateful. On behalf of all players & parents who actually take this HSS serious, they say, "thanks CIF." That would suck apples to have to sit down and tell her no playoffs again like I did a few years ago when that GDA league got started and zero playoffs for 8th graders and really nothing to play for except to showcase as an individual with no desire ((ganas)) to actually be crowned champion. Its called chasing the ring or the US Youth Soccer Championship or State Cup or CIF Champ. I wish all the HSS programs that have embraced the great HSS matches and put in the love and effort it needs to build a winning attitude. If you think it's too dangerous and riddled with serious injuries, then well, you will get what you think. Does that make any sense to anyone? You get what you think, hello!!!

P.S. I just realized I broke my promise of only posting on Sundays with Crush. I made a boo boo or a little mistake or worse, I didnt keep my word and that is something I'm striving for. Plus, I'm trying to share the forum with others. I will just read and get back to my word. I have some cool stuff I want to address on the 18th. Peace out!!
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