My pal got in early, early on and has done very well in this industry. He doesn't brag at all, he just is super smart, wise and always seems to pick winners. Buy low, sell high and he does that very well all the time. Dude bought low, sold high. Bought low, sold high. He sold Disney way before they went super low. He will not by any Disney for personal reasons. I love him so much. His parents were good friends with my foster mom and he just inherited or will soon a house on the beach worth over $20 Million. He owns another beach house where he and his lovely family live now. He told me he loves my idea of "A Day at the Bay" for kids who have been through a tough life. He knows 100% he was blessed to be born into wealth and with two loving parents who did not use drugs in the 60s. My other buddy just pulled his money out and lost his ass. Impatient and full of fear. 10% penalty too plus Tax. All because of fear.
And Bitcoin does? You should be able to answer that...since you read the white paper.
As you should know by now, the Bitcoin white paper makes no mention of a speculative bubble market in the perceived value of the coins. They are defined simply as a trusted and yet anonymous vehicle of commerce.