I had to log in and stop you from scamming people with your Bitcoin Cash promotion. Bitcoin Cash is a dead project with virtually no development of substance. Bitcoin Cash is not a "Cheaper Option" because it is only comparable in name. This is exactly how people get "rekt" in crypto...

Do not by Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin on balance sheet attracts negative attention from anti-crypto banks
Having over 90,000 BTC on the balance sheet could see a company’s stock blacklisted by banks that remain crypto detractors.
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Bitcoin on balance sheet attracts negative attention from anti-crypto banks


MicroStrategy’s continuous Bitcoin acquisition has drawn the ire of investment banking giant HSBC. Despite being one of the largest business intelligence firms in the world, HSBC has stated that MicroStrategy is now a “virtual currency product,” a designation akin to the pseudo-Bitcoin exchange-traded fund status attached to the company on account of its sizable Bitcoin (BTC) balance sheet.
Since August 2020, MicroStrategy has embarked on a Bitcoin acquisition spree and now holds more than $5 billion worth of BTC. Michael Saylor, the company’s CEO, has also become an outspoken Bitcoin proponent. Saylor’s Bitcoin evangelism has included attempts to encourage other publicly listed firms to add BTC to their balance sheet. Indeed, some other companies in the United States have emulated Saylor’s Bitcoin adoption.
With corporate Bitcoin adoption becoming commonplace, the conversation appears to be shifting toward life and annuity companies and sovereign wealth funds to see where the next wave of institutional BTC investment will emerge. However, for legacy players like HSBC, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, remain anathema even if the actions taken thus far appear to be arguably arbitrary.
I bought some dogecoin today. Not sure how to break the news to the wife that we're invested in a digital coin with a dog on it.
Do yourself a favor and get out of that meme coin. It just can't sustained its price. I recommend Ethereum and Bitcoin for medium to long term investment. Or Vechain, Cardano, Polka dot, etc. for short to med term. But before you jump in, do your own research.
Now that the US govt has shown that they can track down Bitcoin transactions, will that cut into its value?
BTC and ETH are nice. But I prefer the road that crypto uses to travel on. In order to make smart contracts feasible and more common in the future they will need an oracle based system. Those who understand crypto know what platform this is...

I also like real world applications. The technology that is driving smart cars, smart appliances and ai driven apps.

Crypto in general has been down and that makes it ripe for the picking. Load up and hodl.