AMC Stock


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Being an AMC stock holder I would like to hear your take on this meme stock.
I personally avoid hype stocks. I'd strongly recommend you do as well.

Yes, you can get lucky and make money off it, but living in that mentality means you will eventually lose big on those types of plays and likely all the gains you made on them.

Check out $NIO, $OPEN, $PLTR, $TSLA, $MSFT

For good strong long term holds. Tech market has been hit HARD this past month and is in a large correction. Excellent buying opportunities in tech everywhere. I've been loading up the last two months.

The true money is made via long term holds.

If you are up on AMC, I would sell, take your profit and load it into the beaten down tech names.

Just my two cents.
Not sure about that $TSLA's pretty dang overvalued right now. It's being held up by Elon fanboys.
Not even close. TSLA is more than a mere electric car manufacturer. They are also in the energy storage and battery space, including residential and commercial, and infrastructural sustainable energy solutions. It's just the beginning for TESLA with a Biden admin, it's the perfect environment for this company to grow exponentially. I believe Tesla will eventually surpass Amazon as largest cap company in the world.

Add on top of that, movement into the artificial intelligence/autonomous vehicle space. Geez.
All of that speculation is already baked into their market cap right now, which is 663b. Their P/E ratio is absurd as well. While they want to be all those things, they still have a lot to prove. Ford still produces 7-8 times more vehicles in a given year than Tesla. As more auto makers embrace electric vehicles, Tesla will see an increase in competition here. Their solar division hasn't proven itself yet. Also, who isn't working autonomous vehicles at this point? Tesla made 31b last year. To put this in perspective this is less than 10% what Amazon made, yet comparing market caps, TSLA is 33% of what AMZN is at. In the end TSLA's market cap is lifted in a large part to speculation. Could they make all of this stuff happen? Maybe, but I wouldn't put them in the same bucket as MSFT.