2021 Women's D1 Soccer Talk - NEW THREAD!!!!!

Nah it’s a dumpster fire. Coach aside. UCI game game was embarrassing, also lost to Riverside ! Yeah Riverside! and that UCLA game was one big rondo. Play slow, lazy soccer with zero ability to create any scoring chances. Defense is terrible all over the field. What you think she turning this around with more girls from the South Bay. This isn’t all on Jenny, but the facility and school alone should easily land you some legit players who want to play soccer. Clearly they need to re evaluate wtf they are doing and who they are recruiting right now, or she is going back to UCLA.
A teams success is dependent on the players and the coaches ability to maximaize their potential and make sound strategic decisions. The players were already there so I'd start pointing at the coach. SMC has the same players and new coach and look at them. VAST improvement. Same as Pacific and USD.
Virginia are a bunch of beasts
Except when they played Oklahoma - Virginia only beat them 2-1 but NC State won 5-0. It will be interesting to see how Pepperdine does with TCU and Texas A & M. Seems like the style of play is a little different so hope to see some of those matches.
It’s time for me to say goodbye to the forum. Quite a few people helped advise me along the youth soccer, YNT and recruiting path by sharing their experiences, providing information, letting me ask questions and bounce ideas off them. I’m really grateful for those that gave their help so freely. This forum was a great source of connection for gaining perspective outside our little region. Now that our real life soccer community has expanded, I feel like the forum has served it’s useful purpose. My oldest has made her verbal commitment and we understand the process much better now to help my youngest. I hope I’ve been able to help a few people back! It’s a lot of fun to cheer each others’ kids on through the ups and downs and each phase of their journey whether it be club, YNT, college or pro. To those other 2022 and 2023 parents, here’s to a whole new level of hard work as our kids finish up their club days and prepare themselves to play in college. Wherever they are in the process, keep working hard and they’ll find their way to where they belong. For those of you that I’ve gotten to know through the forum, I hope to see you on the pitch! To everyone, best wishes to all of you and your kids!