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When can we get back to the core values of presidential
debates of the past: penis size, bankruptcies, marital infidelities?


Why do you want to discuss the personal life of a fictitious character
known as Tony Clifton you like to portray.............
  1. At NPR, Danielle Kurtzleben writes that Senator Bernie Sanders’ “taxation-and-spending plans...would together add $18 trillion to the national debt over a decade.”

Yobama Style
  1. The cost of implementing a Universal Basic Income, presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s central social program proposal, would cost $3.8 trillion per year or roughly 85 percent of current federal spending.


I think Elaine Chao is helping drain the swamp.

Also, has anybody noticed how Trump keeps trying to drag CA down with the idiot country and we keep suing him and winning?
Now the oil companies have hired him to relax our emission standards and he will lose again.