2020-21 HS Rules Changes


Here's a link to an article that mentions that there will be 15 changes in NFHS Soccer Rules for 2020-21 :

I haven't seen the exact text of the rule changes but after reading an article in Referee magazine with additional information it looks like the changes bring HS rules into alignment with the IFAB LOTG changes that took effect in June 2019 regarding drop ball (NFHS = dropped ball), free kicks, goal kicks and penalty kicks. Notably, the NFHS soccer rules committee apparently has not changed Rule 12-2 (Handling) or related play situations to align with the recent IFAB changes. NFHS rules changes typically lag the IFAB LOTG changes by one year due to relative timing between the IFAB and NFHS processes but I should also note that not all IFAB changes get folded into the HS rules for a variety of reasons.