2004 Boys, games of the week, standings, etc.


Seeing that there is light attention to the u15 (2004) age group, I want to open general discussion. My first thought is, how time flies, 2004 felt like yesterday. Now our boys have started high school, many are taller than us, so many boys have left the sport for girls or American football (hand-egg).

I see the late bloomers coming back from the break a few inches taller. The games will be fun to watch this season. Good luck to all


Some good games this weekend ! LA Galaxy vs LAFC is the big one
Resl so cal vs FCGS should be a battle
LAUFA’s big boys vs Surf’s well oiled machine


LAFC will be dominant this season. They are the Kings of Recruiting. Galaxy will be close behind, but are less reliant on hyper-athletes like LAFC. Goals won’t come as easy, but they will come. LAUFA are strong out the gate with 3 wins, especially considering their off-season attrition. Expecting them to fade a little at some point, but they could surprise. Surf...the MLS Academy in SD County, if there was one. They pull top talent down there and the staff know how to develop. They will give this division a run for their money. I see them coming in behind LAFC and Galaxy like last year (although barely), but you never know. They are a talented bunch. These teams are my picks for the top 4 teams this season once the dust settles. Dark horses to break into the top 4...FCGS, RSC, and Strikers.

The games of the week are spot on. Predictions below...

LAUFA 3:5 Surf
LAG ?:? LAFC (No chance. Gotta horse in this race.)


I heard Surf were lucky to even get a point against LAUFA. Couple great saves from their 05 keeper that’s playing up and a goal Line clearance from the CB with a minute left. LAUFA sounds strong this year...
If LAUFA was playing with only their 04’s, they would be ok. But the 03’s appear to help make the difference.


Yeah...they seem to be taking advantage of that rule
Taking advantage? 2 players just like surf has done, in fact surf was playing two 03 players born first half of season last time we played them in this 04 age group, so what.

No need for the execuses about who was playing or not, nor the fact surf has 20x as many players or teams, play on have good competitive games and the kids will be better off.


This week
Galaxy vs other MLS academy
In whitecaps and Crossfire with 2 national team players

Albion will play their first game of the season vs strong LAUFA

LAFC vs SURF —each team has a national team player

Any other interesting games I’m missing?


Albion took out strikers 3-1, very impressive win for Albion. Let’s see how they hold up vs laufa today.

Crossfire 3-1 win over galaxy
Lafc 4-1 over surf
That’s all that posted so far


LAFC 3 - RSC 1 keeper with RSC might have either fractured or broken his arm during the game. He blocked a penalty kicked by LAFC and had a great performance.