surf cup

  1. Gil Hernandez

    2003 DPL Team Guest Players Needed for San Diego Surf Cup

    OC Surf 2003 DPL is currently looking for 2 guest players for this weekends Surf Cup. We will be playing in the U17 Black Bracket and are expecting a strong turnout of college recruiters. The player may also be considered for a permanent roster position based on their performance. Please...
  2. Banana Hammock

    Surf Cup?

    Today was the day that Surf Cup acceptance was to be announced. Anyone hear anything yet?
  3. D

    Overseen at Blues Youngers

    Overseen at the Surf Sports Park/Del Mar Polo Fields this weekend for the So Cal Blues Tournament. For context: only Youngers were held at this location, the Olders were in Oceanside. We all kind of guessed that this happens, but I always thought it was beer, or at least something more...
  4. M

    Surf Cup G U12 (2007) Looking for Guest players.

    Looking for 1-2 field players. Defender or Forward for the upcoming Surf Cup- Girls U12 (2007).