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  1. Liverpool12
    CUSC is accepting new teams looking to change Clubs. Email Club Admin: for more information.
  2. Jessie Lopez
    Jessie Lopez
    OC Premier Academy Futsal Registrations NOW OPEN!!
  3. Woodwork
  4. Orange County FC
    Orange County FC
    Orange County based soccer club that plays in the NPSL and UPSL
  5. Pollo Elastico
    Pollo Elastico
    Donde estan los baƱos?
  6. Carlos Luna
    Carlos Luna
    Team usa white b07
  7. MR.D
    MWN - "The sole focus for elite girls should be college, followed by college, followed by college, and then college."
  8. krnbrookes01
  9. krnbrookes01
  10. Lisa Jones
  11. johnbosse
  12. Feyenoord
  13. test12
  14. goaloo
  15. goaloo
    goaloo offers the livscores,results and any other information for soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey and some other sports games.
  16. espola
    Richard P Henry rphenry27 at yahoo dot com
  17. ForumParent
    Thank you so much!
  18. JJP
    JJP ForumParent
    My son worked with Preston Rawlings, who works at Deft Touch in Los Alamitos. Preston has a websit pe where you can look him up, it's called
  19. Multi Sport
    Multi Sport xav10
    If you knew what was going on in GoBears life you would delete your last comment about life being tough... especially today. We all like to sling mud but today not so much.
  20. TC United
    TC United Dominic
    Hi Dominic, I am the DOC for AC Brea Soccer Club. Do you know a good place where I can post that I am looking to hire coaches? Thanks, Matt Morse
    1. Dominic
      I would post in the SoCal Scene forum at the top.
      Oct 23, 2017